The Heart of a Child

Bob & Cathy, 

Hello!  It is Pastor Snow and Terri.  We just wanted to give you our first update!!!   We started visiting tonight the cards from the fair.  After  trying about 6 houses and not getting anywhere (either not home or wouldn’t answer door), we went to the house of a 7 year old boy who was saved on Sat. night at the fair.  Mom was the only one home with her 5 month old baby.  We told her we met her son at the fair and what he did that night.  She said "yeah, he told me he asked Jesus into his heart and now he is going to heaven".  We were very amazed that he understood enough to explain it to his mom.  After dealing with mom for about 20 minutes or so, we were pretty confident that she was saved about 10 yrs ago.  Then Dad came home from work and was a little surprised to see us standing in his living room!   Well after breaking the ice a little, we began to witness to him and he got saved!!!  We were so excited!  They live just 2 blocks from the church.  His two days off are Sunday and Wednesday (imagine that).  They expressed a real desire to come to church.  They promised they would be there Wed.  We left that house and realized that what happened last week at the fair was only the beginning of what God is going to do!  Thank you so much for coming and letting us be a part of your ministry!  We will definitely keep you updated!   

The Snows